Downtown Mumbai

80 Courtney Park E   Mississauga ON   905.670.5670


1) Appearance - dark, warm, nice chairs and furniture, but too open. You walk in and all the chairs and tables are visible, so when sitting, you feel a little exposed. Ceilings are also too high - they would benefit from adding bulkheads to lower the ceiling by atleast 10 feet. It must be at least a 20' high ceiling. They would also benefit by accessorising a bit more with artwork...The furniture is nice but artowrk on the wall is very shabby and disproportionate to the overall scale of the restaurant. However, I would say that my favorite part of the dining experience was the cutlery and serving dishes - very authentic and unique!

2) Service - Polite, helpful, but very shy.

3) Portions - great

4) Taste - FANTASTIC! I was very pleasantly surprised. We ordered the Pineapple Chaat as a starter to share, and it was phenomenal. It almost tasted like a Mexican Salsa - it had pineapple, potatoes, tomatoes, cilantro, spices, it was a perfect blend of flavours. For my main dish I ordered butter chicken. Again, phenomenal.

5) Price - very reasonable. Approx. $15-$20/person


1) Appearance - Reminded me of someone's finished basement, minus the pool table and the furnace.

2) Service - Nice, mellow, relaxed

3) Portions - borderline perfect

4) Taste - I need to do my research on Indian Cuisine, but our Pineapple Chaat starter was excellent, I ordered Chicken Tikka with a side of rice, which was also excellent -It reminded me of Middle-Eastern Kebabs, it had a nice lemon flavour to it. And mixed in with the lettuce and veggies that come with it, it was very fresh. I also had some of Amal's butter chicken, which had a very smooth taste!

5) Price - Great price for great food!

***We may have found a rare gem here!!! Although we were a little bit heart-broken to be sitting just across from our beloved Prince Sushi, and it was very hard not to go in there, we were VERY PLEASANTLY surprised and will definately incorporate this restaurant into our dining routine!***

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